STEM Literacy Activities To Help Your Kids

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STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This new educational concept is designed to teach kids about these concepts.

The main goal is to teach these concepts to kids and increase cognitive and physical development speed in hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and more. There are many great STEM activities available. One of the main goals of STEM is also to teach kids how to read and develop cognitive skills.

This article looks at various STEM literacy activities that will introduce your kids to these topics and help them develop reading and writing skills.

Best STEM Literacy Activities

We want to look at some of the best STEM literacy activities to help teach your child how to read, comprehend what they read, and stimulate thinking. These activities for kids will help prepare them for future STEM disciplines. 

Simple Reading

Although this first point might not be related to STEM topics per se, reading is one of the best things they can do to help your child become more literate. This activity will help them become literate and master the language.

You can give your kids educational books that help develop their reading skills. There are many topics, so you can’t choose one more closely related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There is no better way to become more literate than by reading more.

Reading About a STEM Topic

This is also about reading, although we’re getting more specific. When your child gets older, and their reading skills are more advanced, you can introduce them to various STEM topics.

So, instead of providing basic reading materials, as discussed above, provide them with educational materials designed to teach them something about a topic, whether it be science, math, engineering, or anything in between.

Not only will your kids develop their literacy skills, but they’ll also learn about a STEM-related topic. Many educational books about the sciences are specifically designed for children.

Letter Matching Games

A literacy activity for kids that involves STEM concepts is a simple letter-matching game. This is essentially a memory game. You’re going to create a set of tiles or pieces of paper with various letters on them, preferably all letters of the alphabet.

You will need two of each letter so your kids can match them together. Then, flip all the tiles or pieces of paper upside down, so the letters are not visible. The objective is for your child to flip up two tiles or pieces of paper to try and match two of the same letter.

This will teach him about the alphabet’s various letters, and it will also help test their memory. Your kids must remember where the different letters are, so they can then match them together when they flip up two tiles.

Therefore not only is this game going to teach your kids about letters, but it’s also going to stimulate their memory and develop spatial awareness. This is an excellent game for cognitive development on a variety of fronts. This is one of our favorite STEM challenges, plus it’s a hands-on activity that will engage your child. 

Spelling Games

Another excellent STEM literacy activity is simple spelling games. For instance, you could provide your child with a word or picture they must spell out. If you have young children, two- or three-letter words, such as dog, cat, or even bird, are ideal.

However, as your child becomes more literate, you can make these words longer, increasing the difficulty level and the challenge. So, on one front, this game will teach your children how to read and spell. However, it’s also a good game because it will teach them about word association with pictures.

When your child sees a picture, they must think of the proper word it is associated with before they can spell it. Therefore, it will help develop their cognitive thinking skills, particularly problem-solving skills. Of course, you can use words related to any STEM topic.

STEM Literacy Activities

Word Assembly Games

Yet another good STEM literacy activity is some simple word assembly games. Here, we are talking about games like Scrabble or WordScapes. Your child is provided with various letters and must make as many words from those letters as possible.

Of course, the versions for children will be a bit more straightforward than those for adults, but the concept is the same. This will help increase their vocabulary, and also about spelling.

At the same time, your kids will use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to assemble different letters to create words.

If you want to up the ante, you can always use words associated with STEM topics, and you could give your child a simple dictionary definition of what that word means, increasing their knowledge. This is perhaps one of our favorite STEM activities. 

Word Searches

This is another simple literacy activity you can do with your children. You can find many different word search books and word searches online. More advanced ones are designed for adults and very simple ones for children. Of course, you can also find word searches related explicitly to STEM topics, which helps to combine learning about STEM topics and literacy.

Word searches are not very difficult, but your kids will identify the different letters they see and find words by making combinations. It’s a really great activity for problem-solving skills and creative thinking.


Another excellent STEM literacy activity for children is a crossword. Crosswords are simple, and there are many designed for kids to solve.

This will help increase literacy skills because kids will have to read the clues and disseminate what the information means — what the clue is asking.

Your kids will then have to use their problem-solving skills to come up with the answer and practice their literacy skills to spell it out. You can find crosswords explicitly designed for children with STEM topics in mind.

Simple Literacy Quizzes

Something else to help increase your child’s literacy is to have them read a small paragraph, a short story, or even a book and then give them a quiz on it.

This will encourage your kids to read various pieces of information, understand what it means, remember what they read, and answer questions. This will help increase their problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking skills.

Whatever reading you give them, you can have it be related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Therefore, not only will you help develop your child’s cognitive skills, but it can also increase their basic knowledge of a specific STEM-related topic.

Writing a Longer Piece

Another good STEM literacy activity for children is to have your kids write a longer piece of writing. This could be about any topic, but you could focus on the four STEM topics.

In other words, you can have your child create their own STEM content to help prepare them for a future in various science disciplines. 

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