How to Store Magna-Tiles? (7 Effective Tips & Storage Ideas)

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Magna-Tiles can provide loads of fun while supporting math, science, and creative education during your kids’ playtime! 

However, with up to 50 pieces per set, you may be wondering where they should all be stored at the end of a session. 

As a parent, the toy section of your house can be a bit overwhelming (and unfortunately often resembles a pig sty). 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way when storing your Magna-Tiles! This article will cover:

  • 7 of the best ways to store your Magna-Tiles
  • A few top tips and tricks for storing Magna-Tiles.

Let’s get started!

7 Best Ways To Store Magna-Tiles

The ways to store Magna-Tiles that have been listed below cater to everyone. 

Are you money-saving parents, freakishly organized parents, or parents with limited space in their house? One of these storage methods will suit you!

1. Use a clear plastic storage bin with a lid

If you want a sturdy, durable storage option for your kids’ Magna-Tiles, clear plastic storage bins are a great choice! They are easy to see through, which makes them particularly convenient if you store the tiles with other toys and need to find them amongst all the chaos.

2. Store Magna-Tiles in their original packaging

Storing Magna-Tiles in original packaging is great because it makes it easier to ensure that each set in your household is complete!

This results in more efficient and organized play for the kids. The packaging should also last a fair while due to being hard cardboard.

3. Use a fabric storage bag with drawstrings

Storage bags allow for greater flexibility in terms of where you want to keep your Magna-Tiles. 

The drawstrings can be hung on door knobs or hooks, and the fabric allows for them to be squeezed into tighter spaces amongst all the other toys.

4. Use a shoebox

If you’re less worried about the organization of your Magna-Tiles and don’t want to spend extra on storage, just use an old shoe box! 

It will do the job of keeping the Magna-Tiles confined in one space, and the cardboard is often rather durable.

5. Store them in a hanging file folder

Have limited space? Use a hanging file folder!

These can be stored on the wall or in closets if shelves and floor space are limited. Additionally, you can label each folder with different color tiles or shapes, which allows for optimal organization.

6. Use a dedicated shelf with dividers

Having a shelf with dividers is an excellent way of storing Magna-Tiles while keeping them organized and easily accessible for your kids. 

You could even custom-make the shelves so that the size of each section that holds the various tiles is customized! 

7. Store them in a plastic tackle box with compartments

Plastic tackle boxes are predominantly used for fishing. But why not use them for storing your Magna-Tiles? 

They are already pre-made with separate compartments (some with different sizes), which is perfect for storing Magna-Tiles! 

The box is typically made from hard plastic, rendering it durable and protective for the tiles.

Tips For Storing Magna-Tiles 

We all want our kids’ toys to last as long as possible! 

Maintaining the integrity of Magna-Tiles is essential in achieving this. As such, it’s vitally important to store the tiles in a way that there’s a minimal chance of damage. Follow these simple tips:

Keep the tiles in a cool, dry place – avoiding direct sunlight

Magna-Tiles are not made to endure extreme weather conditions like humidity or hot temperatures. This is because they are made from plastic!

To keep the tiles in good condition and prevent discoloration, store Magna-Tiles in a cool, dry place with no intense sunlight.

Wash plastic bins to prevent mold and mildew

Mold and mildew that develop in the plastic bins that store your Magna-Tiles can damage them!

Additionally, the presence of mold and mildew on the toys that children play with can create a health and safety hazard. 

Therefore, it’s best to give your bins a good wipe-down every now and then to prevent this!

Store away from moisture-prone areas

It’s important to keep Magna-Tiles away from any location where they may get wet! 

This is to avoid moisture build-up (and subsequently, mold). 

As stated on the Magna-Tiles website, the tiles are not waterproof and should not sustain constant exposure to water.

Stack them neatly to save space

Stacking your Magna-Tiles in a snug and tight manner is perfect for saving space!

It also helps keep the tiles in close proximity to one another, and therefore easier to retrieve. Avoid stacking them too high though, just in case they tumble.

Label containers for easy identification 

If you can label your Magna-Tiles’ set name or number on storage containers, this can potentially save a lot of time during play!

Doing so will mean that you can quickly pull out the type of set you desire, due to easier identification.

Check for broken pieces before storage

Sometimes Magna-Tiles will break due to wear and tear. 

It is important to check for broken tiles when storing them away so that you can replace them and keep the quality of the collection in check.

Ensure a clean storage environment

Try to keep whatever storage unit you use in a clean condition!

This means avoiding dirt, debris, disorganized placement, and moisture. This will ultimately keep the Magna-Tiles in good condition, keep your kids safe from any germs, as well as teach them how to properly look after their possessions.


There you have it: A set of effective ways to store your Magna-Tiles! 

Hopefully, the extra tips and tricks will also help to optimize the toy’s condition, organization, and the health and safety of your kids. 

From hanging file folders to shoe boxes, there’s a suitable solution for everyone. Now that you have this knowledge, don’t let those Magna-Tiles get stuck under the couch or fester in mold any longer!

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