Empowering Young Girls: How To Get Girls More Involved in Stem

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Empowering young girls is essential to create a future workforce full of diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. One area where we need to see more female representation is in STEM fields. This article will explore how to get girls more involved in stem, discuss the current gender gap, and share proven strategies to foster a passion for these subjects.

The Importance of Encouraging Girls in STEM

Encouraging girls’ interest in STEM at a young age is crucial. 

First, research has shown that girls exposed to STEM develop better problem-solving and critical-thinking skills early on. This can give them a solid foundation for their future careers, regardless of their chosen path. However, the ripple effect of nurturing this passion goes beyond individual benefits; it contributes to closing the gender gap in STEM fields

Increasing diversity in these fields can spark innovation and produce better solutions to real-world problems. This can drive economic growth and improve gender equality in the workforce. 

Investing in empowering young girls in STEM can positively impact society.

Ultimately, investing in the empowerment of young girls in STEM can have far-reaching positive impacts on society as a whole.

Current Gender Gap in STEM Careers

Despite growing recognition of the need for diversity in STEM, a significant gender gap persists. 

According to the National Science Foundation, women comprise only 29% of the workforce in STEM careers. There is a long way to go in bridging this gap and achieving gender parity. 

This disparity has negative impacts not only on women’s career opportunities but also on the advances in these fields, as valuable perspectives and contributions of women may be missing. Thus, addressing this gender gap is essential for fostering innovation and benefiting society.

Benefits of Diverse Perspectives in STEM Fields

Diverse perspectives in STEM fields are crucial for fostering innovation and problem-solving as they bring distinct viewpoints and ideas to the table. 

When diverse teams work together on a project, they can access various experiences and perspectives, enhancing collaboration and resulting in more creative solutions. This is particularly important in STEM fields, as these areas constantly evolve and require innovative thinking to succeed. 

By encouraging girls to pursue their passion for STEM, we can create a more diverse and inclusive environment that allows the entire field to thrive.

How To Get Girls More Involved in Stem

Incorporate proven strategies such as hands-on activities, project-based learning, and real-world applications to foster a passion for STEM. By making learning enjoyable and relevant, we can tap into girls’ innate curiosity and inspire them to pursue STEM-related fields. 

Additionally, collaborative group projects allow for the development of valuable communication and teamwork skills.

Exposure to Positive Female Role Models

One of the simplest yet most powerful ways to inspire girls to pursue a career in STEM is by exposing them to successful women in these fields as role models. Seeing other women thriving in these traditionally male-dominated careers can help young girls believe that they, too, can excel in STEM fields. 

Connecting with female industry professionals, sharing their stories, and creating networking opportunities with mentors can be instrumental in fostering a love for STEM in young girls.

Curriculum Revamp: Gender-Inclusive Activities

To create a more gender-inclusive learning experience, educators must revamp their curriculum by incorporating activities that appeal to both girls and boys. This can be achieved by designing collaborative projects, connecting real-world applications to STEM content, and highlighting the societal impact of STEM careers. 

Such activities will help break stereotypes and ensure all students feel welcomed and engaged in their educational journey.

Creating a Safe and Welcoming Environment

It’s important to ensure girls feel welcome and supported by creating an environment where they feel comfortable exploring STEM. Encourage open discussions, group work, and collaboration, which can help build confidence and foster curiosity. 

Additionally, educators should be mindful of their language, treat all students equally, and challenge traditional gender roles or expectations within the classroom, creating an inclusive space for all students to thrive.

How To Get Girls More Involved in Stem

Encourage Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving skills is essential for all students but especially crucial for nurturing girls’ interest in STEM. 

Educators can allow girls to explore scientific concepts and discover their abilities to tackle complex challenges by incorporating thought-provoking projects and open-ended questions in the classroom. 

Fostering these skills from an early age will boost girls’ confidence in STEM and prepare them for future success in any career path they choose.

Address Stereotypes and Biases

Finally, it’s vital to address stereotypes and biases that contribute to the gender gap in STEM.

Discuss the impact of gender stereotypes on girls’ self-confidence and interest, and challenge those beliefs by exposing students to counterexamples or highlighting the achievements of women in the field. 

Encourage open conversations about biases, and remember to praise girls for their abilities and interests in STEM to foster a more inclusive environment so they are empowered to pursue their passions.

Connecting with Industry Professionals

Connecting with industry professionals can significantly influence a girl’s passion for STEM. Arranging workshops, career talks, or mentorship programs with successful women in STEM fields can inspire and boost their confidence. 

These connections expose girls to real-world applications of STEM concepts and help them visualize potential career paths. Moreover, hearing about the challenges and rewards these professionals face can foster resilience and a growth mindset in young girls.

Success Stories: Initiatives that Empower Girls in STEM

Two notable initiatives that have successfully empowered girls in STEM are GoldieBlox and Girls Who Code. GoldieBlox creates engineering toys for young girls, breaking gender stereotypes and encouraging curiosity in STEM subjects. 

Girls Who Code offers summer programs where girls aged 13-17 learn computer science skills, connect with female mentors in the tech industry and work on real-life projects. These success stories showcase the value of targeted programs and resources in inspiring a passion for STEM in young girls.

GoldieBlox: Breaking Stereotypes with Engineering Toys

GoldieBlox is another fantastic initiative to break gender stereotypes with engineering toys explicitly designed for girls. By making science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts more accessible and engaging, these toys encourage young girls to develop an interest in STEM fields from an early age. 

Through fun, interactive, and educational play, GoldieBlox toys allow girls to explore their creative and critical thinking skills while fostering an enthusiasm for STEM subjects. This innovative approach breaks down barriers for girls and helps them visualize a future in STEM.

Girls Who Code Summer Programs

Girls Who Code Summer Programs offer another excellent opportunity for young girls to develop their passion for STEM. These programs provide an immersive learning experience in computer science, robotics, and other tech-related fields. 

Through collaboration, creativity, and project-based learning, participants build confidence and strengthen their problem-solving skills while having fun with like-minded peers.

The programs also enable girls to connect with inspiring female industry professionals, fostering a solid support network that encourages them to pursue STEM careers. 

By participating in programs like Girls Who Code, young girls can explore new interests and build a strong foundation for a future in STEM.

Black Girls Code Workshops

Black Girls Code (BGC) is an initiative that aims to bridge the digital divide for African-American girls through workshops and training programs. BGC workshops equip young girls with essential coding skills, enabling them to tap into the limitless possibilities of technology. 

These programs also give them strong female mentors in their community, reinforcing that STEM fields are equally open to girls. BGC has reached thousands of young African American girls since 2011, preparing them for successful careers in technology and engineering while defying stereotypes.


Empowering young girls in STEM fields is vital for their personal growth and success and the industry’s future advancements. 

By implementing these strategies, such as exposing them to positive female role models, revamping curricula, addressing stereotypes, and connecting with industry professionals, we can help bridge the current gender gap and inspire a new generation of diverse STEM leaders.

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