Gskyer Telescope Review

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If you want to start examining the night sky and view celestial objects of all kinds, you need a good telescope, with Gsyker telescopes being some of the most popular. If you want to take a closer look at the night sky, a good refractor telescope is an excellent telescope to use, as it works well for a wide range of applications.

However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of telescopes with slightly different features. We want to help you find a good telescope with high-quality optical components, a model that is reasonably priced.

This article reviews a Gsyker telescope which is excellent for viewing astronomic or terrestrial objects. It has many useful features, which is impressive considering it comes at a very affordable price.

Let’s look at one of the most reliable budget-friendly telescopes and determine what this model features and why it might be ideal for you.

Gskyer Telescope: Review

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If you are looking for a good beginner’s telescope, this model from Gsyker is an excellent option. This affordable telescope kit costs around $100, making it an excellent choice for beginners who are not yet 100% sure about astronomy.

This is not the top telescope for astronomers who are serious about their craft, but it is a good option for beginners. Moreover, this telescope has fantastic features, such as a high maximum magnification and great optical qualities, so you can view distant objects with great clarity.

If you need a good telescope that can produce stunning images at great distances but don’t want to pay a fortune, the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 is worth looking into. Let’s move on and determine if this is the best telescope for astronomy beginners and why it might be the best option for you.

Who is This Telescope For?

The Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 is a telescope to consider for viewing distant planets, stars, the moon, and more. Based on its overall quality and optical features, it’s not designed for serious astronomers, especially professionals; the magnification and other features aren’t quite good enough for professional purposes.

However, considering the low price, it’s a fantastic option for kids and beginners. If you want to do some basic star gazing, view the planets, look at the moon, and maybe even peek at some far-off nebulas, this is a great telescope to start with.

It’s not the most high-tech model, but it gets the job done, and its features are good enough for basic use. In addition, the average customer review for this product is very high and positive, especially for kids and astronomy beginners.

What’s Included?

You get many different components and additional accessories included with the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 for around $100,

When you purchase this telescope, you get a carry bag, an aluminum alloy tripod, a telescope tube, a finder scope, a zenith mirror, two eyepieces (10 mm and 25 mm), a 3x Barlow lens, a phone attachment with a Bluetooth remote, an accessories tray, and a user’s manual. This telescope kit comes with everything you or your kids need to start.

Overview of Features

Let’s move on and look closer at the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400’s features.

The Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 features a 400 mm focal length combined with a 70 mm aperture.

The focal length is a good length for most basic applications, and it will provide optimal visuals whether you are doing terrestrial or celestial viewing; its moderate features make it suitable to view objects on earth and in the sky,

The 70 mm aperture will take in more than enough light to produce bright, clear images. The aperture makes the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 ideal for viewing objects on earth during the day and night and makes for excellent nighttime viewing of stars, the moon, planets, and some distant star clusters.

Moreover, the lenses are all glass, and this optical lens is fully coated for the best possible light transmission and image clarity. The image quality is truly out of this world for the telescope’s low price.

Other impressive features include the eyepieces and how well they magnify the night sky. You get a 10 mm and a 25 mm eyepiece

However, one of the best accessories with your purchase is the 3x Barlow lens. This lens significantly increases the magnification of any eyepiece being used.

For instance, if you use the 10 mm eyepiece with 40x magnification, if you add the 3x Barlow lens, the magnification becomes 120, which is the maximum magnification of the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 can achieve. It’s not the highest magnification level, but much better than most others that come at such a low price.

In addition, you also get a 5×24 finder scope, plus it has a mounting bracket with cross-hair lines for easy target acquiring and tracking. There’s a smartphone adaptor or phone mount, so you can use your phone and take pictures of whatever the telescope sees. Moreover, you also get a wireless camera remote.

The Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 is very easy to set up, whether you are a professional, intermediate, or beginning astronomer. Even without prior experience, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to set it up and get it operational. On that note, using the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 is very easy.

Remember that this is an altazimuth mount telescope, which makes it easy to adjust and maneuver on vertical and horizontal planes. It’s a user-friendly mount and comes with slow-motion controls, so you never over-adjust or over-correct the position.

The Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 comes with a high-quality tripod that is durable and stable, plus fully adjustable for height. Moreover, this telescope is relatively compact and lightweight, yet also durable. It might not be the most durable or impact-resistant model, but it outperforms similar models for the price. You don’t need an expensive refractor telescope to get a good night sky view.


Using a telescope is not difficult, although you should know the different functions. Here is a tutorial video for beginners on how to use a telescope to get you started.


  • Affordable Gysker telescope
  • High-quality lens
  • Multiple telescope eyepieces
  • Premium quality images for a low price
  • Many levels of magnification
  • Some fairly advanced features
  • Stable tripod
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Quick assembly


  • Not for professional astronomers
  • Not as durable as some higher-end units
  • Magnification level is not nearly as good as with more expensive models


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If you want something more powerful and can spend around $300, we recommend this Gysker telescope. It has three replaceable eyepieces with a maximum magnification of 120x, plus a 3x Barlow lens to effectively triple that range to 360x magnification.


The bottom line is that if you need a good telescope but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 is a fantastic choice.

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